Is the Lucky North Club program replacing the player rewards program that allows us to earn points and redeem for various rewards throughout the facility?

In addition to the same great rewards you have become accustomed to, The Lucky North Club program includes $40 cash bonuses and free programs.

Are the reward redemption options changing?

You can still redeem the same great rewards you have become accustomed to. The redemption options have been simplified. Now, a rewards voucher can be redeemed in $5, $10 or $20 increments and used for betting vouchers, food and beverage vouchers or poker buy-ins.

What are Racing Base Points?

Racing Base Points are the points earned per dollar spent. They are awarded as follows: 2 Racing Base Points for every dollar wagered on Daytona greyhounds 1.5 Racing Base Points for every dollar wagered on simulcast greyhounds or Jai-Alai 1 Racing Base Point for every dollar wagered on thoroughbred or harness Racing Base Points do NOT include bonus points.

What are Bonus Points?

Bonus Points are additional points earned for using a self-service terminal (SST) or Fast Bet mobile for wagering. Bonus points may also be awarded promotionally and are not applied to the $40 cash back offer.

Why are Bonus Points not included in your Racing Base Points?

Bonus Points are added to your total reward points earned and used to redeem rewards such as programs and rewards vouchers. Racing Base Points track the amount you spend without promotional offers.

How do I earn $40 cash?

Just bet using your Lucky North Club Card! Once you earn 25,000 Racing Base Points, your voucher will be available at the rewards kiosk and can be exchanged for cash at any of the following mutuels tax windows: 107, 444, 451 and 502. These points roll over and do not expire as long as your account remains active. Active accounts must show activity in a 13-month period.

What happens to my points when I redeem my $40 cash voucher?

Once your $40 cash voucher is redeemed, 25,000 base points will be subtracted from your Racing Base Point balance and reset to zero. This does not affect your standard reward point balance.

How do I know how many points I have earned?

Every time you swipe your Lucky North Club Card at the rewards kiosk, your standard rewards points will be displayed. On screen, you will also see your Racing Base Points, and the amount of points needed to earn your $40 Cash Voucher. All points will be credited to your account the following day after they are earned.

How do I earn Free Programs?

Free programs are awarded in two ways. Running with the Greyhounds: This initiative awards customers based on the frequency of visits. Running with the Big Dogs: This initiative awards customers based on wagering thresholds.

How do I know if I qualify for free programs?

Each day when an eligible patron swipes their card the rewards kiosk will print the free program(s) voucher.